Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Dream Wedding???


It's quite a shock when I myself chose Dream Wedding as my new entry.
I never thought that I'll be dream on what will happen on my wedding because I never think about that.
I wonder why I chose this topic?
Ok stop wonder and let us see what I'm gonna dream about my dream wedding.
Yeah,.. it just a DREAM not a REAL one..

  1. on my wedding I want it to be held in my house because I don't want to waste money to do it on hall or hotel. Just in my house but if my future husband want to do it on five star hotel I'm okay with it but yeah only five star hotel..hahaha
  2. on my nikah day, I want to wear white jubah.Just a simple jubah because I want everything being simple and make me easy to do it. Here is the example of my dream jubah.

3. OK..let's we move on..on my reception day, I also want to wear jubah but brown jubah because I love brown very much. 

such a beautiful jubah and I really hope I will own it even not for my real wedding

4. When I think about the concept for my wedding, of course I want English style because it is my most favourite style since I am 17 ! Ohh and I don't want any "pelamin " for my wedding. For my bed, also is in English style.

such a beautiful bed..
Can I have this one for real??

5.  On my reception at my future husband, I also want to wear jubah but green jubah.. Here is my dream jubah..

awesome jubah...

6. Place that I want for my honeymoon are Pulau Perhentian, Cameron Highlands, Pulau Tioman and Genting Highlands.

I think thats all my plan for my dream wedding. If one day all of my dreams become true, I am very grateful to Allah for giving all my dreams come true.. Inshaallah..
Till we meet again !

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