Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Another dream...


Alhamdulillah it's raining and yeah Cyberjaya is raining.Thanks Allah. Lately it was very hot at Cyberjaya. I love raining. Very much. Because raining make me calm, make me feel comfortable and make me feel happy.

I prefer to walk alone in raining. When it's raining I need someone to hug me and whisper you can do it ! Don't ever give up and he or she can let me go to another place. Well it just my dream because it is impossible to me to do it at Cyberjaya.

Till we meet again !!!

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Dream Wedding???


It's quite a shock when I myself chose Dream Wedding as my new entry.
I never thought that I'll be dream on what will happen on my wedding because I never think about that.
I wonder why I chose this topic?
Ok stop wonder and let us see what I'm gonna dream about my dream wedding.
Yeah,.. it just a DREAM not a REAL one..

  1. on my wedding I want it to be held in my house because I don't want to waste money to do it on hall or hotel. Just in my house but if my future husband want to do it on five star hotel I'm okay with it but yeah only five star hotel..hahaha
  2. on my nikah day, I want to wear white jubah.Just a simple jubah because I want everything being simple and make me easy to do it. Here is the example of my dream jubah.

3. OK..let's we move on..on my reception day, I also want to wear jubah but brown jubah because I love brown very much. 

such a beautiful jubah and I really hope I will own it even not for my real wedding

4. When I think about the concept for my wedding, of course I want English style because it is my most favourite style since I am 17 ! Ohh and I don't want any "pelamin " for my wedding. For my bed, also is in English style.

such a beautiful bed..
Can I have this one for real??

5.  On my reception at my future husband, I also want to wear jubah but green jubah.. Here is my dream jubah..

awesome jubah...

6. Place that I want for my honeymoon are Pulau Perhentian, Cameron Highlands, Pulau Tioman and Genting Highlands.

I think thats all my plan for my dream wedding. If one day all of my dreams become true, I am very grateful to Allah for giving all my dreams come true.. Inshaallah..
Till we meet again !

Friend till Jannah, Inshaallah


May our friendship will be last longer until Jannah, inshaallah

friends from kindergarten until now
me and Aidaty

well, she is my one of my best friends since kindergarten. Who knows, Allah plan's was very awesome. We always being together since kindergarten but on 2001 I have to move to Lenggong. Even we were far apart at that time but we always called each other and we also kept write a letter to each other. The moment which I will not even tried to forget was when both of us got offered to continue our study at MRSM Lenggong, Perak and we were 17, we were roomates! Now, she's in UiTM perlis and I'm right here in KIC..

friends from primary schools
sorry it is too small

Miss them so much but one of them is Siti Kamilah which is now my classmates and once again Allah's plan is too awesome. The picture was taken when I was 12 years old after Hari Anugerah Kecemerlangan's ceremony and my classmates consist of me, Ira, Shahirah, Fatin, Ika, Kamilah, Syifaa, Watie, Zahidah, Farhana, Aqilah, Qhairin, Anis, Farah, Nadia, Hasbullah, Zaidi, Zaid and Iqmal. We were studying in 6 Bestari (1) at SK Lenggong, Perak.

friends from secondary school

there were my sweets and lovely roomates
aidaty, me, adila and diana 

they were gorgeous, awesome, nice, caring, lovely and sweet

there were my homeroomates..

Friends from GiatMARA Lenggong

girls TSK..we spent our time together..
love you
my classmates..
they were caring, lovely, funny..hehhe

last day at Giat after Majlis Penyampaian Sijil's

friends from KIC

lovely classmates
love you all

with my sporting rommate..

some of collegemates..

Dear Allah, thanks for sending me good friends. To my friends, even some of your pictures are not in my entry but all of you are always in my heart. Thanks for being such a good friends for me. papai

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Kirkby's Event



The most memorable event held in Kirkby International College was Chinese New Year event.
It was enjoyable and most exciting event I felt.
My class and I gave a full cooperation to each other plus we kept supporting each other.
Yeah I love my classmates very much and always being happy with them..
There some pictures of my classmates during the event!

me, kak izni, kamilah  and mas
we ate oranges 

acap, nabellah, ida, yuyuy and thach
they played quiz about history chinese new year

syu, linges, ngo, tay, auni
they made a lantern

*That's all.. Till we meet again !!

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Favourite Artist

She is Wardina Safiyyah and she is one of my favourite artist. Why she is my favourite artist is because I like the way she become a better muslimah day by day, a kind-hearted mom and wife and a good artist. Sometimes, I want to be like her one fine day, she also good in giving some talks and I also follow her on Twitter.

She is from Indonesia and I started to know her after watching Ketika Cinta Bertasbih's movie. I love the way she speaks because her voice was very soft. Even though she is actress but she tend to show the right way of dressing as a woman. And now she is writing a book, Pelangi Kasih and I feel to buy it.